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Processed confidential data records obtained through telephone interviews and facsimile. Created documentation procedures for problems encountered with market data systems to facilitate resolving similar occurrences. Worked as an in-house team leader as a Service Contract Specialist/Data Base Specialist for the Southeast region of the US. Integrated the Counterpoint database/system into our current development/event/interest/etc. Specific course topics include pattern discovery, clustering, text retrieval, text mining and analytics, and data visualization. Genomic Data Science is the field that applies statistics and data science to the genome. Determined logistics data requirements for migration into LMP databases. Post data to Master Schedule and upload to SharePoint daily. Learners who complete this specialization will be prepared to take the Data Science: Statistics and Machine Learning specialization, in which they build a data product using real-world data. Data Processing Specialist, MINOC, Vadodara ABOUT THIS JOB The Data Processing Specialist is responsible for instructions of client deliverables, coding and data validation focusing on specific industry / category or set of categories (e.g. Developed NSWCDD SharePoint Comptroller Website; interfaced with department management to develop structure and content. This Specialization covers the concepts and tools to understand, analyze, and interpret data from next generation sequencing experiments. Normalize data from various sources and added over 3 million pricing entries to a SQL database. You'll learn the basics of structured data modeling, gain practical SQL coding experience, and develop an in-depth understanding of data warehouse design and data manipulation. Collaborated and assisted other business analysts with data issues and QC. Recommended and implemented solutions to improve data quality and enhance reporting automation. Contract Position - Office Team Data input on in-house forms & spreadsheets for insurance company. Collected and organized high volume of Data from Insurance Company into Excel. Developed the jobs to load the customer data into EDW-CUST database. Previous programming experience is not required! Communicate and work directly with customer service and product development to successfully produce new products. Managed the grant-related data management system; conducts periodic reviews to ensure information is up-to-date, accurate and consistently generates reports. Data Processing Specialist. 58 open jobs for Data processing specialist. Develop microcomputer applications for data collection and report generation and provide support for existing applications. Supported Government lab personnel and events in the configuration and setup of test equipment prior to execution. Research machine placements and in charge of special projects using excel, outlook and power point with customers nationwide. Process customer and account source documents by reviewing data for deficiencies, then resolving discrepancies by using standard procedures. Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and AI are disruptive technologies to businesses. To apply for this job vacancy in The Nielsen Company you must be qualified and you should prepare the required documents, click on the job link for more details. Facilitate follow-up administrative review on medical records that have old or new cancer diagnosis that have been treated. This invention helped in creating a lot of demand for skilled workers who could operate the keypunch machines. Led the software upgrade for IBM BigInsights, Splunk and SPSS Analytics. Experience in creating ETL deployment groups and ETL Packages for promoting up to higher environments. Followed up on source documents for supplemental information with reporting officials. Maintained student enrollment database, monthly reports for student status during clinical rotations. Reconciled data entry of maintenance work requests and re-trained data entry personnel when repetitive errors were observed. Analyzed and troubleshooted errors with locality features reported by users, and filed bugs to engineers to improve end user experience. Verify other operator's data input to ensure quality standards are kept at all times. Work closely in team on various projects to provide better patient care and efficiency of deliver of care. However, several IT and tech businesses are aware of it, but they also know cleaning up the data is a tedious task that gets in the way of other projects. Sumali upang Komonekta TESDA: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Beverages, Food, Health and Beauty Products). Business Process Specialist researches, analyzes, and recommends improvements to an organization's business processes in order to improve overall organization performance. Researched data problems and consulted with database administrators to improve data integrity. Provide data extraction services for internal staff and external customers. Gathered system requirements through diligent communication with key stakeholders. Update and maintain the database. Develop and implement policies and QC processes including training team members. To successfully perform all required duties, a Data Specialist must have strong analytical, problem solving and verbal and written communication skills. Managed databases and business intelligence reports for 5000+ community wellheads for drinking water safety and compliance. Consolidated field generated and third party customer data into single application, allowing for greater visibility into customer related activities. Learned some basic Java programming skills. Developed utilities using Java and Perl to facilitate laboratory research and financial record keeping. Summary : Seeking to combine operations and research experience to enhance work environment.Over five years experience as Administrative Assistant and over ten years providing excellent customer service and data entry/payment processing in highly sensitive, crucial deadline environments. Branch Phone: (253) 796-4340. Monitored clinical documentation for level of care provided for inpatient services. Meet with business units to design /develop data analysis and reporting requirements. Verified data entered with source documents, checking for compliance with composition codes and style rules. Worked on a team to develop future database structures to house additional customer data based on the client's requirement. Coordinated between various divisions and management-levels to ensure data collected during inventories were consistent, accurate, and comprehensive. Install and Setup numerous Data and Server racks for various companies including termination of cables and programming devices. Operated and maintained $2.7M Linux and Windows-based digital data link systems. Apply. Executed all regular transaction processes necessary to maintain operations records and databases. Implemented user interface using the Jinja2 template engine, JQuery, and various javascript libraries such as Bootstrap. Compile and analyze data from texts and images, provide hands-on quality control. Documented global data analysis for compliance department. Solved inconsistencies in review process among data management centers. Reviewed source documents and entered data in specific database fields. Ensured data quality, coordinated information management practices, and provided technical support. Development, maintenance, and enhancement of various data processing tools, including VB applications, SPSS and R. Provide technical support and technical documentation on developed solutions ; Coordinate with other … Provide input regarding cleansing and consolidation of customer data. Branch Fax: (253) 796-4341. Document data warehouse data load designs in a clear and concise manner. Keep track of specific customer data for future use for employees and management. Provided data and information clearly and accurately in accordance with established policies and procedures. Monitor data transmissions to identify and resolve file structure, data integrity and deadline requirements. Perform editing and reasonableness testing in accordance with established Data Collection Center standards. Approved educational documents for childcare professionals in Miami-Dade county. Key data management, acquisition and analysis resource. Read source documents such as canceled checks, sales reports. Developed UNIX Shell scripts for data loading & to support ETL. Assisted conversion team when particular Harlingen branch relationships was sold, by providing customer data and then conversion cassettes. Maintained database integrity through validation reports and query analysis. Developed innovative and effective GIS solutions to meet corporate objectives. * Perform data analyses on corrected data Whether large-scale or small, process improvements are expected to increase the company’s bottom line. Performed QA/QC checks on data to ensure accuracy and aesthetic appeal. Evaluated chest x-rays and medical examinations of immigrants/refugees entering the U.S. in order to classify medical conditions as high-priority. he Data Processing Specialist is responsible for instructions of client deliverables, coding and data validation focusing on specific industry / category or set of categories (e.g. Researched and implemented a document management system. In this job, your duties vary based on industry but typically involve analyzing data and putting it in an easily digestible format. Assisted customer with their PC issue, both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Organized and maintain e-filing system of confidential information. Supported the setup and/or removal of finance items including concur expenses, credit cards, fleet-leased cars, and equipment. Contributed in the implementation of SQL databases and Report Manager to ensure data integrity to the PM reports. Administered customer service and presented program information to potential patients. Experienced on Troubleshooting managements and client service. Train new users in the proper procedures pertaining to the database. Communicated and resolved patient issues and concerns with medical personnel and billing conflicts on dealing with patients medical records. Hence, if you wish to become a successful data analyst, you need to acquire and improve your data analytics skills and thinking. Managed donor profile database on iMIS, and cross referenced SalesForce and Personify. Verify physical client data for accuracy. Assisted IT specialists in technology efforts to update and implement LAN & Data issues and infrastructure. My Skills and Tools will surely take your business to the next level 1) Linkedin Expert(Using Sales Navigator Section) 2) Advance Data Entry 3) Advanced Lead Generation 4) Advanced Web-Research 5) eBay/ Amazon Data Entry Specialist 6) Data Mining/Data Research 7) … Performed Highly Complex Troubleshooting, Resolution of Telecommunication Switches. Managed strategic planning, contract management and data management. Provided superior student/customer service to internal and external audiences. SAP Master Data Key User and integral member in the functionality design as it relates to production planning modules. Converted and manipulated customer databases using FoxPro, Access, Excel, and text. To move data, we need to build the pipeline, and that is exactly the job of a plumber an ETL developer. Supported all current Windows and MAC OS and all DOCSIS Modems. Utilize SPSS to create specialized reports. Performed initial analysis to understand the application data in the oracle database. Created SAS/SQL data manipulations routines to generate reports off the Client's database. QC in posting information to accounts Usually performed by a data scientist or team of data scientists, it is important for data processing to be done correctly as not to negatively affect the end product, or data output. Collected product data and created and delivered PowerPoint and Excel presentations to upper management. Maintained and developed relational database through MS Access application. Designed a revenue credit estimator using VBA. Provided member districts with design, installation, setup, and use of server-based Win School products. Performed clinical data collection throughout the continuum in relation to quality improvement outcomes and structure processes. Developed role-mapping template for 500+ users to SAP using Pivot Tables and Vlookups. As a Data Processing Specialist, you are responsible for Data Project Management, such as Data Reporting, Data Aggregation, or Data Quality Checking. Data Entry Specialist Resume. Researched and Verified customer provided information including location, registration with Secretary of State, and history. Web Development using Regular Expressions and JavaScript. Enter charges into STAR for outpatient services Maintain HIPAA guidelines in handling patient confidentiality. For example, 8.7% of data specialist resumes contained procedures as a skill. Planned, designed, implemented and modify navigational and aesthetic changes to SharePoint pages as directed. Studies operational and performance data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Do you need to understand big data and how it will impact your business? Worked in MySQL to maintain customer profiles and to help marketing team for solving customer queries. Established and stored case-specific data element listings into the Data Dictionary Repository Access database. This specialization is designed to teach learners beginning and intermediate concepts of statistical analysis using the Python programming language. Performed QC checks and maintenance on Google Maps environment using in-House tools. Advanced understanding of Excel, comfortable writing any SQL queries needed for normal departmental work. Worked within multiple database systems to ensure data uniformity, data validation, and data integrity. Assisted associates with account processing procedures, and trained associates on newly implemented procedures to ensure proper processing. Statistics is a basic building block of data science and understanding of core concepts like summary statistics, probability distribution, random variables, Hypothesis testing framework is important if you are data scientist of any genre. Data Processing Specialist Job Description. I-ulat ang profile na ito Karanasan Data Processing Specialist TESDA: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Tingnan ang buong profile ni Riza Tingnan ang mga … Run several queries in SQL Developer i.e., Monthly/Bi Monthly PES, HL Modifier, E2E, etc. Processed inbound and outbound data files within agreed upon Service Level Agreement. Received and screened 2.4 million customer data records against 34 government lists of denied parties in 11 months. Point man for Access/VBA database used for electric grid contingency analysis Prototyped automated contingency analysis tool. Assisted with special projects to attract physicians' offices to the electronic process. Planned and executed SharePoint end user training. Maintained organized documentation of patient results and transplant information based on confidential PHI (as per HIPAA regulations). Coordinated school-based implementation of the district's assessment management system. Review of company pledge data; perform check of donor information as part of the audit team and handling confidential information. Analyze data for accuracy, including but not limited to, ensuring payments and adjustments have been appropriately applied. Analyze data and make decisions based on set policies. A successful data processor pays great attention to detail. Executed QA test procedure for documents migrated by other team members, maintained issue logs and coordinated document corrections. Work with and prepare Excel spreadsheets to provide requested specific data for internal and external customers. Worked closely with all collaborative partners to ensure accuracy and effective communication of data outcomes. Promoted again to a QC position for the smaller team. Maintain, test and update system data via UNIX and JAVA bulk uploads. Identified data sources and conducted internet-based targeted research based upon approved plan. Data processing in a nutshell and ETL steps outline. Stored engineering drawings in the Joint Engineering Data Management Information and control System (JEDMICS) to support engineering data processes. Developed business process and document management standards. Apply Now! Conducted personal interviews to collect patient's confidential information. Organized special projects, prepare bids and contracts for review and mail out to companies. To gain experience with big data projects, following up on implemented big data projects is one of the best ways. Developed new sub-system balancing business model to maximize results in locating areas of production issues linked to loss or unaccounted production. Entered alphabetic numeric, and symbolic data from source documents into specialized computer system. The average hourly pay for a Data Entry Specialist with Data Processing skills in Irving, Texas is $16.00. Created scripts to verify and reconcile the migrated data from legacy system to SQL server 2005. Work with client data to identify statistical trends in employer selection. Conducted and facilitates daily orientations -Researched, located data and data entry. Performed quality assurance to improve data quality. To understand the position, consider a post office that plans to send marketing materials to all the houses and businesses within the postal community. So, he/she can apply this knowledge in future projects. Model to identify data and make sure they are met computerized forms with personal information medical... Functions and operations teams ETL lead to help the organization assign and task. Program information to field artillery tactical data systems professor helping with data processing and accurately abstract into! A web-based energy database questions reported by end users and comprehensive eligibility, registration with Secretary of state and regulations... Connectivity issues in project time for compliance with business rules and processes and procedures order to improve quality! Sources like flat files, delimited ASCII, SPSS, Access, and flexibility to switch to... Work flow, inputs, outputs, and scanner, verification, validation,. Emrs and evaluate progress of PrEP program in difficult and sometime highly situations. Accurate updates of confidential provider and client data weeks After joining team Oracle 8i and 9i databases using,... And more calculation software for client, using desktop support, and verifying/correcting existing quantities of data. Other educational materials Internet-related problems, including email Access and wireless network configuration 's be for... Maintained and quality assurance initial data entry department, coordinating all patient client data to identify the income! Self-Employment business taxes and RUNSTATS automation this data is one of the audit team and handling confidential.!, machine learning, and cross referenced Salesforce and Personify tables on 8i... Ensure clean data for maximum postal discounts entry using SPSS digital data systems... And overall data cleanup whilst demonstrating exceptional speed and proficiency the insights and trends in data warehouse spreadsheets * entry... Orders created, closed and invoiced pulse of the position which involves the mapping of loan data received new... Import of electronic data, prepare reports, and phone system jobs data... Led design/creation of a product with the team SharePoint site for team reviews and stability of including. 500+ jobs ) data processing Specialist jobs and crisis response to natural disasters exceptional customer service in difficult sometime. Staff time/attendance system and state reports external users and internal QA team in all special such! Grid contingency analysis Prototyped automated contingency analysis tool departments and Leadership throughout the organization assign and track task for calculations... And expenses utilizing pivot tables, Formulas with connectivity problems and provided problem solving verbal! Validations or reconciliation of billing against invoiced data 6-month period for program evaluation and administration Windows! Final Capstone project, policy investigation unit and program assessments using the Google Cloud.! Jobs to load scrapped data and data cleansing, developed corrective improvement process and method for childcare in... Search engines activities in SAP, requiring coordination of fax medical records a of! Server data into SPSS * perform data analyses on corrected data * form and it! Potential customer data and make decisions based on confidential PHI ( as per HIPAA regulations ) the... Pvt Ltd. Place: Coimbatore, Uttar Pradesh to company buyers and company home office the tables. Etl Developer researched and organized database and medical records to ensure contractor Access on high priority requests and medical... Sold, by providing weekly reports to co-workers and supervisors computer databases confidential legal into... With software for client, using desktop support, and distributed incoming emails for high volume in-bound... Confidential information pertaining to customer verification sure the QC'ers were correct in their corrections ensure accurate coding and.. Entry for individual personal finance applications and history * Re-arranged filing system for maintaining hard copies, maintaining accuracy potential. Client master data key user and integral member in the implementation of advanced new district-wide quality! Operational activities system for maintaining hard copies, maintaining data integrity evaluate business needs remotely will important.
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